Behind The Scenes - Remember Me 

We started writing Remember Me a few years ago and actually forgot about it! It came shortly after a freak accident resulted in us losing a lot of our songs. We wanted to draw a line under what had been and start a fresh, and boy am I glad we did! From that awful event came lots of beautiful songs, it reminds me of a phoenix rising from the ashes or trees growing after a bush fire. We were going through our song list in one of the lockdowns and Remembered Remember Me! We decided to breath new life into the old beast, slightly off centre to our normal style but still very much 'us', Remember Me finally has a chance to shine. We teamed up with the wonderful Pete Day as the mix engineer and sent over the finished product to the incredible team at Stardelta Mastering! You can also look forward to a slightly spiced up remix coming very soon. - Zahra 30.07.21